2020 has given us some quality television like the “Jeopardy!” tournament that pitted its top three players against each other.


Even if we weren’t already staying home because of the pandemic, it’s far too hot to go outside. 

Heat waves, summer storms and and humidity so thick you might as well be swimming (at least in much of the country) are just part of our weather in August, the sweaty time of year when it seems like summer will never end. And while we can’t bring the cool breezes of fall to your door early, we can watch some wintry-themed television inside with the air conditioning on full blast. 

If you’re sick of the heat, we recommend these TV shows that celebrate all things winter and cold. And just remember, once winter actually comes and you’re shoveling the first snow off the sidewalk, you’ll be missing the recent 90-plus degree days. Probably. 

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If you think winter is the most beautiful season of all: ‘Frozen Planet.’ Celebrate the wonder and majesty of the colder parts of the Earth in the acclaimed BBC docuseries. If you can resist the cuteness of the penguins, you are stronger than we are. (Photo: Jason Roberts, AP)

“Frozen Planet” (Netflix) This installment in BBC’s “Planet Earth” series is just as beautiful and informative as “Planet Earth” or “Blue Planet,” but it’s considerably chillier. Explore the Arctic and Antarctic, watch adorable polar bears and penguins, and generally revel in all the snow that the Southern Hemisphere gets while we sweat it out in the U.S. 

“Ice Road Truckers” (; Amazon) Chilly but stressful, this former hit reality series chronicles the truckers who drive their huge rigs on frozen lakes, called “ice roads,” through parts of Alaska and Canada. You’ll never bemoan the salting and plowing of roads in your town again. 

“Game of Thrones” (HBO Max) They don’t say “winter is coming” for nothing in this fantasy epic. Although there are forays into deserts and beaches in the popular HBO series, much of the drama happens in the north of fictional Westeros, where snow falls even in summer. Fur-clad Jon Snow (Kit Harington) standing on a wall of ice is just what we need. 

“Wynonna Earp” (Netflix) The town of Purgatory seems like it exists in perpetual winter, thanks to this series’ typical winter setting in Calgary. Syfy’s fantasy Western lets its heroine (Melanie Scrofano) kick a lot of supernatural butt, even when she’s wearing a very large coat.  

“Fargo” (Hulu) Although different seasons of FX’s anthology series, based on the 1996 Coen Brothers film, are set in different locales and time periods, you can always count on some snow as a pure white backdrop to all the crime and violence.  


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