Viewing Party! Let’s All Watch ‘Some Like It Hot’!


“I’m tired of getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop,” says Sugar “Kane” Kowalczyk, the ukulele player with a soft spot for saxophonists. A lot of us know how she feels. Everyone could use a little candy right now, and we can’t think of a sweeter way to spend time than with Sugar and her pals Jo and Daphne watching “Some Like It Hot.”

Even if it’s your first encounter with this 1959 comedy — directed by Billy Wilder from a script that he wrote with I.A.L. Diamond — it spoils nothing to know that Jo and Daphne are really Joe and Jerry, and are played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Marilyn Monroe, at the height of her comedic powers, is Sugar, who sings “I Wanna Be Loved By You” (and she is) and whose walk Jerry likens to “Jell-O on springs.”


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