Trevor Noah Praises Michelle Obama’s ‘Ice-Cold’ Trump Takedown


“At that point, Trump squeezed his Diet Coke hand so hard it turned into a diamond.” — JIMMY FALLON

“That was ice-cold. And what made it even more devastating was that Michelle Obama wasn’t angry, she wasn’t yelling, she just stated Trump’s complete failure as a president as an obvious fact. You know, it’s the difference between your mom screaming at you and your mom just casually sipping a coffee and going, ‘Well, not all kids can be winners.’” — TREVOR NOAH

“Former first lady Michelle Obama said President Trump is, quote, ‘the wrong president for our country.’ That’s putting it mildly, like it’s just a bad match or something. ‘You’re not a good president for us but there are plenty of countries out there for you. What about Mordor or Gilead?’” — SETH MEYERS

“That’s right, everyone is saying the former first lady stole the night. I’m actually worried the speech might have backfired for Biden, because right after, everyone with a ballot wrote in Michelle Obama.” — JIMMY FALLON

“It would suck to get dumped by Michelle Obama. Can you imagine? ‘You were in over your head; you cannot deal with this. It is what it is.’” — JAMES CORDEN

“President Trump said today he will posthumously pardon Susan B. Anthony, who was arrested and fined for illegally voting in 1872. Incidentally, Susan B. Anthony is what Trump thinks happens during gender reassignment surgery.” — SETH MEYERS

“Oh, so now voting illegally is OK.” — TREVOR NOAH

“I mean, look, this is kind of a nice gesture, I guess, but based on what we know about Trump, I bet he’s only pardoning her because he thinks she has dirt on him.” — TREVOR NOAH


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