The Most Indoor Space for the Money in New York City


New Yorkers have been in coronavirus lockdown for more than two months, long enough to develop an intimate relationship with the shortcomings of their homes. Once places to spend mornings, evenings and nights, they’ve become offices, gyms, classrooms and day-care centers with hyperactive kitchens. But even the best advice on efficient pantry storage can lead to the realization that more space is needed.

According to Nancy Wu, an economist at StreetEasy, a recent survey suggests as much. Conducted among those actively seeking to purchase a new home in New York City, it found that more than half of respondents indicated extra space was a priority as a result of spending more time at home. Seventy percent of the survey participants planned to move within a year (30 percent of them within six months), and cited natural light and in-unit laundry as important features.

So what if your budget is as maxed out as your space? Chances are there’s a neighborhood where you can afford more space while paying the same amount or less. This week’s chart, drawn from a separate StreetEasy study and additional data its analysts provided to the Times, shows the top 10 neighborhoods by borough with the most square footage per dollar.

For our chart, the median 2019 purchase prices in neighborhoods with at least 100 completed sales were taken into account, and a theoretical budget of $700,000 (close to the city’s median sale price of $670,000) was used to help compare the neighborhoods. (Staten Island was omitted for lack of data.)


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