The Mandela Effect In “Spy Kids” Has People Freaking Out On TikTok


Tell me I didn’t imagine this!

TikTok has had a moment with pointing out different mandela effects lately. And in today’s edition, we’re talking about the classic 2000s film Spy Kids.

TikTok user @norahcavallin shared her confusion and disbelief when she explained that on her rewatch, one of the scenes DID NOT match up with the scene she remembered from her days as a youth.

@norahcavallin / Dimension Films / Via

The scene in question is the one where Juni and Carmen are scuba diving to Floop’s castle. The TikTok shows the pair discussing some sleeping sharks…

…whereas the scene Norah remembers is a little different:

Personally, that’s the scene that I remember too!!! So naturally, I had A LOT of questions. And according to the comments, I wasn’t alone!

Luckily, Norah did her research and shared her findings in a follow-up TikTok before we all went nuts. It turns out, we were right in not remembering the shark scene.

@norahcavallin / Via

The version of Spy Kids Norah originally watched was on Netflix, whereas the version she decided to buy on Apple TV included the scene we all know and love.

@norahcavallin / Dimension Films / Via

It turns out the Netflix version is Spy Kids: Special Edition, which is a longer version that was rereleased in theaters and included the shark scene thanks to an increase in budget.

Why did Netflix decide to swap out pee scene for the shark scene? Who knows!!! But at least we can all rest easy knowing we aren’t from a parallel universe. Besides, we have bigger questions to deal with, like this one from Spy Kids 2:

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