The Crown Has A Surprise Cameo From A Mouse


The Crown is one of the most intentional shows out there, from the set design to the costume design and uncanny likeness of the characters and their original counterparts. But there is one detail in the recently released season four of the Netflix show that seems almost too real to be planned: A mouse running across the camera.

Des Willie / Des Willie/Netflix

No spoilers here, but in the third episode of the new season, a tiny mouse actually darts across the room right in front of the Queen Mother and she doesn’t bat an eye.

There is no explanation for it. The camera is focused on the Queen Mother plainly sitting on a couch as a mouse clearly emerges and scurries off out of sight.

This happens about one minute and 15 seconds into the episode.

Look at this mouse!


Someone get this mouse an agent — or at least an IMDB credit.

Well, The Crown has yet to reveal whether or not the mouse was as accidental as that Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones or part of the decor. (Hey, even old palaces have mice.)

But the show did acknowledge the surprise (?) visitor on Twitter, writing, “Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series?”

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