Strange Sketches From “Saturday Night Live” Season 45


Petition to make Harry Styles a full-time cast member.

With the 46th season of Saturday Night Live just kicking off, I’ve been rewatching last season to get hyped.


Mostly the Harry Styles episode, tbh.

IMO, the best sketches are the unusual ones, the kind that leave you with more questions than answers.


They feel less Saturday Night Live and more Saturday Night Fever Dream.

However, these sketches are often cut for time or used as Digital Exclusives.


So, unless you subscribe to the SNL YouTube channel, you probably missed out on a few gems. Sometimes, though, the super strange sketches make it to air.

Here are some of the most bizarre sketches you might’ve missed from Season 45 of Saturday Night Live.


“Salad” — Episode 15

NBC / Via YouTube

In this retro-inspired music video, Aidy Bryant sang a recipe that would put the Eriksen’s Seven-Layer Salad from How I Met Your Mother to shame.


“Wisconsin Women” — Episode 8

NBC / Via YouTube

Chloe Fineman played a ghost child who gets attacked by a bear when she steps outside her hardware store home.


“Marrying Ketchups” — Episode 11

NBC / Via YouTube

A waitress took creative liberty when asked to marry the half-empty ketchup bottles together. This dramatic diner love story is some of Adam Driver’s finest work to date.


“Airbnb Commercial” — Episode 17

NBC / Via YouTube

In one of the at-home episodes, Chloe Fineman played a well-meaning AirBnB host whose eccentric European houseguest turned into a roommate during quarantine.


“Open Mic” — Episode 5

NBC / Via YouTube

In this cut for time sketch, sisters Chastity and Prudence performed as an indie duo to promote their upcoming FX show.


“Roadside Museum” — Episode 1

NBC / Via YouTube

Cecily Strong’s news report on the grand opening of the World’s Biggest Cheeto Museum did not go according to plan.


“Beer Money” — Episode 18

NBC / Via YouTube

In the season finale, Kyle Mooney found out that his girlfriend (played by Kyle Mooney) left him for his roommate (also played by Kyle Mooney).


“Harry Styles Sketch” — Episode 7

NBC / Via YouTube

The week Harry Styles hosted, there were so many good sketches the cast and crew simply couldn’t produce them all. Will Ferrell wasn’t about to let this script go to waste.


“Choir Fashion” — Episode 4

NBC / Via YouTube

This sketch was only relatable to a somewhat niche audience of current and former show choir kids, but Aidy and Kate’s delivery should’ve gotten them booked to host New York Fashion Week.


“Animal Crossing” — Digital Exclusive

NBC / Via YouTube

When Melissa Villaseñor bought Animal Crossing, she didn’t expect to get bullied on her own island. When Mikey Day sent his avatar to visit, things took a deadly turn.


“Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles” — Episode 16

NBC / Via YouTube

SNL ventured into animation for this reimagining of what the formerly teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might be up to now. They dealt with divorce and doctor visits.


“Baby Faye and her Newsboys” — Episode 6

NBC / Via YouTube

For three decades, a Shirley Temple-esque entertainer refused to let go of her childhood fame. Her trio of back-up dancers continued to play six-year-olds.


“Joan Song” — Episode 6

NBC / Via YouTube

In another music video, Aidy (as Joan) imagined her dog turned into her dream boyfriend, Harry Styles. He even ate out of her bathroom garbage.


“New Paint” — Episode 5

NBC / Via YouTube

Kristen Stewart watched in horror as her sister-in-law spiraled into debt over fancy house paint.

And finally, perhaps the strangest thing SNL has ever done…


“Baby Doctor” — Episode 13

NBC / Via YouTube

If you watch this sketch, you’ll understand why it was “cut for time.” It follows the saga of a baby who was switched at birth then switched again, but with a doctor (RuPaul).

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