Spike Lee’s Children Are This Year’s Golden Globe Ambassadors


Satchel and Jackson Lewis Lee are headed to Hollywood, but not for long, they say.

The siblings are in town this weekend as this year’s Golden Globes ambassadors, a largely ceremonial role traditionally reserved for the children of Hollywood’s elite.

The progeny of the Oscar-winning director Spike Lee and his wife, Tonya Lewis Lee, they are the first Black siblings selected for the role.

Coincidentally or not, they were chosen the same year that Spike Lee was snubbed, for his Vietnam veteran drama “Da 5 Bloods,” alongside other prominent Black creators and actors like Michaela Coel. The siblings say they are used to their father not always being recognized for his work.

“When he was making movies that nobody was responding to or they weren’t as big as they have been, it didn’t really faze him,” Satchel Lee said, adding that he would just move on to his next project.

“I am a photographer, filmmaker, writer, creative director and producer,” Ms. Lee said. “I want to be the Gertrude Stein of this generation.”


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