Snowfall Season 4, Episode 8 Recap And Twitter Reactions


Welcome back to another Snowfall recap! Last night’s episode was stressful — per usual — so, let’s talk about it.

Here’s a quick rundown of what happened in Season 4, Episode 8 — “Betrayal.” 🚨SPOILERS AHEAD.🚨If you haven’t watched it yet, you might not want to keep scrolling.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Reed Thompson, it’s that he doesn’t play when it comes to his money.


The last time we saw Reed, he was torturing the man responsible for stealing $15 million from his account. He slipped away just before the police could catch him. Now, we find him in Nicaragua checking up on the illegal war happening there. Things are worse there than he imagined. He’s stressed at this point and even gets high on his on supply. As he walks through muddy waters, he sees people and animals lying dead on the ground. Before you know it, he’s ambushed and knocked out cold.

But that isn’t the only thing Reed has to worry about. Irene’s report has officially gone live and it’s got everyone talking.


Manboy has been itchin’ to take Franklin’s place as kingpin and now that he knows the CIA is Franklin’s plug, he’s looking to become their new golden boy. Meanwhile, his sister Khadijah is getting real tired of hearing about Franklin. Her main focus was, and will continue to be, Leon. After noticing Manboy getting distracted again, Khadijah starts plotting for another way to kill Leon.

Franklin’s camp was feeling the pressure of the news report too, but he quickly let them know now is not the time to fold.


Jerome, who’s still feeling some type of way about being the last one to know about the CIA’s involvement, began to blame Franklin for putting them in this mess. Franklin immediately quieted that noise with one of his infamous monologues. Franklin reassured everyone that he’d take the fall for this before he’d let them go down for it.

Listen, whenever Franklin goes off on someone…I can’t even lie, I get a little turned on (don’t judge me lol).

But all of that didn’t prepare me for the biggest reveal of the episode: TANOSSE IS WORKING FOR MANBOY!!!


They didn’t name this episode “Betrayal” for nothing! I didn’t trust her from the jump. I really thought she was going to end up being Irene’s daughter (blame my love for telenovelas), but this is even worse!

Turns out, she was hired by Manboy to get information about Franklin’s CIA plug, and in return, he’d protect her brother, and pay her.

Speaking of Irene, she received a call from Franklin, who gave her a much-needed wake-up call.


Franklin arranged a meeting with Irene, explaining that her report put a target on both of their heads. She might think Franklin and his crew should be the only ones worried, but Franklin revealed the CIA will most definitely be coming after her and her family too.

It was this scene that let me know our boy is back! He was slippin’ a little bit, but the smooth-talking, sharp-witted man we’ve grown to love is back like he never left.

Meanwhile, Reed’s CIA colleagues are trying to find him and clean up his mess, but Gustavo isn’t having it.


Gustavo made sure to clear out Reed’s desks and vault before they could get their hands on it. Gustavo might not know what Reed’s up to all the time, but he knows how to remain loyal.

Then Alton made his return after creating this shit storm.


Last time we saw Alton, he was being pistol-whipped by his own son. Now he’s resurfaced, making one last plea to Cissy. Alton is sure that he and Cissy can get out of this mess and live a somewhat normal life if they escape to Cuba. This ultimatum is strictly for Cissy. I mean, after being disrespected by his son like that, I can understand why Alton didn’t extend the invite to Franklin.

It seems like everyone is pissed at Franklin nowadays, and Jerome is one person who just can’t seem to shake the anger.


Jerome isn’t interested in following Franklin’s directions at the moment. Despite advising him to lay low, Jerome thinks it would be best to attend Fatback’s funeral. However, Louie thinks that would be the perfect opportunity for Manboy to attack them. Still angry at Louie for lying to him, Jerome refuses to heed her warnings — ultimately convincing everyone to attend the funeral.


Khadijah and her goons waited to see if Franklin and his crew would show up to Fatback’s funeral and they did. They let shots ring out hoping to hit Leon, but instead they hit Louie.

Louie was immediately rushed to the hospital. That’s when they realized that Khadijah was behind it, not Manboy or Skully.

Louie getting shot was the final straw for Cissy.


After a realty investment fell flat and Louie ending up in the hospital, Cissy has had it up to here with Franklin. He promised her that she could have a legitimate realty business, but that’s all falling to pieces. Cissy tells Franklin she’s leaving LA — not with Alton — but leaving, nonetheless.

Then Reed finally returned to the United States and took matters into his own hands.


Reed met up with Franklin to get some clarity about the report and to see how Franklin plans to handle it. Franklin tells him what Alton did and that he threatened Irene, but she didn’t budge. Well, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself, right?

Reed confirmed that Franklin could still trust him throughout this ordeal, but to be careful of everyone else. After that, Reed reunited with Gustavo and paid Irene a little visit while she was sleeping. They drugged her and threatened that if she doesn’t kill the story, they’ll kill her.

And finally, the episode ends with Franklin catching Tanosse in a rat trap.


After Reed advises Franklin not to trust anyone, Franklin realizes Tanosse is a little TOO invested in his business. So when Tanosse suggests that Franklin should give up his plug in order to bring the peace between Manboy, Khadijah, and Skully, that’s when Franklin realizes she’s an opp.

So he set’s her up. Franklin tells Tanosse to call Manboy and set up a meeting — meanwhile, he’s hiding in her home listening to everything she’s telling Manboy. With Peaches pointing a gun at Tanosse’s face, Franklin leaves us hanging in suspense with this epic line: “Hey T, how long you been playing me?”

Here’s what fans had to say about last night’s episode:

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