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When you’re designing a bedroom, there’s no piece of furniture more important than the bed.

“It’s everything,” said Jake Arnold, a British interior designer based in West Hollywood. “I always focus on what the finish, materials and proportions of the bed are before developing the rest of the space, because it dictates what happens with the night stands, the rug and the rest of the decorative items.”

So which bed to choose? That depends on the architecture of the room and your personal tastes, Mr. Arnold said. But he’s a firm believer that bigger is better, even in small spaces.

“If you have a tight space and want things to look a little more minimal and sophisticated, it’s nice to just fill most of the bed wall with the headboard,” he said. “I’ve had people use four-poster beds in tiny rooms, and it does make the space feel more dramatic.”

Just watch out for high footboards. “There’s nothing worse,” he noted, “than jumping on the bed and whacking your leg.”

Walnut- or ebony-finish bed by Chris Earl

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