Setting Up Your New Space


Choosing a color is hard, and there’s no expert who can give us the universal piece of advice we need to convince our roommates that a tasteful, muted green, is the way to go for the living room, but it can help to think about the lighting and furniture that each room is going to have.

Discuss potential color options with the people you cohabitate with — if you want to make a collaborative vision board or something elaborate like that, more power to you! Grab some samples to try out before you commit to a color. Also, wait for the paint to dry to see how the color looks different in natural or artificial light.

If you have plants that need reflective light it’s probably worth using a light color on the walls. No matter how beautiful your windows are, dark colors like burgundy won’t reflect the sun enough to sustain many plants.

If you’re lucky, you’ll move into a space that’s already been deep-cleaned by the landlord or the previous tenants — but, as many of us have learned, this isn’t always the case. Regardless, it’s always worth investing some of your own elbow grease before you get too comfortable.

Saudia Davis, founder and CEO of Greenhouse Eco Cleaning, suggests cleaning all of the closets and any appliances that are already in place, including the bathtub, the oven, the fridge, the dishwasher and all of your kitchen drawers.

“Do a deep cleaning, even if they did one prior to your move,” Ms. Davis said in an email. “The bathroom, kitchen, closets and floors are the priority.”

“It’s important to spend time getting to areas like the floors, corners, baseboards and molding,” Ms. Davis explained, “areas that are difficult to reach once you get furniture in there.”


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