Regina King Was The Real Star Of A Cinderella Story


A Cinderella Story is one of those movies every 90s kid distinctly remembers.

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It’s a modern-day retelling of Cinderella from 2004 about two misunderstood teens: Sam (Hillary Duff) and Austin (Chad Michael Murray), who fall in love over text/instant-messenger.

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They meet for the first time IRL at the homecoming dance but Sam hides her identity and has to rush home before her step-mom (Jennifer Coolidge) finds out. This sends Austin on a determined quest to find his “Cinderella.”

There’s Chad Michael Murray as the hot prince, Hillary Duff in her usual role of a misunderstood teenager and Jennifer Coolidge as the evil, but hilarious step-mother — a pretty star-studded cast.

But the one character that stands out above all the rest is Rhonda, played by Regina King. She made the entire movie.

I honestly feel like this should be a widely accepted truth and doesn’t need further evidence, but in case you need a refresher, let’s review the facts.


She literally ran the whole diner.

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If it wasn’t for Rhonda, that place would have gone out of business so fast.


She constantly encouraged Sam’s education.

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Even when Sam was about to give up.


Rhonda was protective AF.

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And never backed down from defending Sam.


She made this face while checking out Austin Ames.

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No other face would have been acceptable.


Rhonda’s general motherly ways.

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She was the mother Sam never had.


She consistently put Fiona in her place.

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Lol, like Fiona would ever be able to handle the diner alone.


She’s the literal fairy godmother in the story who gave Sam a much-needed glow-up.

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And yes, I realize her character is intended to be the fairy godmother, but the point still stands.


And then she also convinced Sam to go to the ball.

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Sam would have been “diner girl” forever without Rhonda.


Rhonda used this incredible line to try and stop Fiona from finding out Sam snuck out to go to the homecoming dance.

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It almost worked for a minute, too.


And when Sam finally quit and stood up to Fiona, Rhonda offered to let Sam live with her.

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I get teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Moral of the story: Rhonda is hands down the best character.

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