Pompeo Calls B.D.S. Movement Anti-Semitic


JERUSALEM — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thursday that the Trump administration now viewed an international campaign to boycott, divest from and impose sanctions on Israel as anti-Semitic and will deny government support to groups that participate in it.

“We want to stand with all other nations that recognize the B.D.S. movement for the cancer that it is,” Mr. Pompeo said on the second day of a visit to Israel as he stood alongside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who called the decision “simply wonderful.”

The announcement came on a whirlwind day of what the Trump administration is portraying as victory laps on its policy toward Israel and the Palestinians — and of photo ops that could be highly useful for Mr. Pompeo, particularly with the evangelical Christian voters he has long courted, if he were to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

“The people of the book have not had a better friend,” Mr. Netanyahu told him.

Mr. Pompeo noted that on Wednesday night he had walked through the City of David, an archaeological site just south of the Old City in a neighborhood of East Jerusalem, which most of the world considers illegally occupied territory and the Palestinians want as the capital of a future state.

“B.D.S. is a peaceful, nonviolent movement,” Mr. Barghouti said. “It is not against Israeli or Jewish people — it is against the policy of occupation and apartheid.”

“Calling it anti-Semitic is another way of suppressing people’s rights of freedom of expression and freedom of choice,” Mr. Barghouti said, “and also a harassment of the American people who have the right to choose whether to participate in it or not participate in it.”


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