Peru Deports 5 Tourists Accused of Damaging Machu Picchu Temple


The Peruvian authorities deported five tourists and arrested a sixth accused of damaging a temple at Machu Picchu, the famous Incan ruins in the Andes, the National Police said.

The tourists were caught just before 6 a.m. on Sunday by staff members who work at the archaeological park, the Ministry of Culture said in a statement on Tuesday, identifying them as four men and two women from Argentina, Chile, Brazil and France.

The ministry said there was evidence that the group had sneaked into the site illegally on Saturday night and damaged a stone wall in the Temple of the Sun by causing a piece to fall about 20 feet and crack the floor. Fecal matter was also found at the site.

On Wednesday, five of the tourists were deported to Bolivia, the National Police of Peru said. An Argentine tourist, Nahuel Gómez, 28, faced a charge of committing a crime against cultural heritage and remained in custody in Peru.


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