Patti LaBelle, Twitter and a Fake Account Mystery


Dean Browning is a white former Republican congressional candidate for the dynamic commonwealth of Pennsylvania. His pinned tweet suggests that “What Trump built in 4 years, Biden will destroy in 4 months.”

Earlier today, he issued a tweet that confused most people who saw it. It began with “I’m a Black gay guy” and went on to praise President Donald J. Trump and disparage his predecessor, Barack Obama.

As people took notice of the tweet, Mr. Browning apologized and said he was quoting a message he received “from a follower.”

A frequent replier to Mr. Browning is a Twitter user with the handle DanPurdy322, who frequently refers to himself as Black and gay in tweets.

A separate Twitter account purporting to be Byl Holte — named, incredibly, “IncrediByl” — was also suspended by Twitter today.

A spokesman for Twitter wrote in an email that the @DanPurdy322 account had been permanently suspended for violating the website’s rules.

Regarding Mr. Browning, whose account is still active and whose tweet began this journey, “Our teams have looked into this and taken enforcement action when they’ve found Tweets or accounts that violate the Twitter Rules,” the spokesman said.


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