Late Night Links John Bolton’s Moral Courage and His Projected Book Sales


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John Bolton, the former White House national security adviser, has a forthcoming book that corroborates impeachment allegations made against President Trump. On Monday, the late-night hosts took odds on the likelihood of hearing his testimony during the impeachment trial, or just reading about it in his “perfectly timed” book if Republicans block him as a witness.

“When you have to say you’ve never met someone that many times, you’ve definitely met that person. Like if your wife asks, ‘Do you know Julia next door?’ and you said, ‘I don’t know her, never talked to her, don’t know who she is, or where she came from, or what she does. I’ve never spoken with her, I’ve never met, I’ve never had a conversation. Who is she? Why? I don’t know her.’ — your wife would have her bags packed before you finished talking.” — SETH MEYERS

Some late-night hosts dedicated part of their monologues to Kobe Bryant, who, along with his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven other people died in a helicopter crash. Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel both grew teary-eyed when recalling their personal friendships with the basketball star.

James Corden paid tribute to Bryant as a family man and devoted father, while Conan O’Brien showed the best bits from some of Bryant’s appearances.

Magic Johnson will stop by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday, where it is likely that he’ll talk about Bryant, a close friend and fellow Laker.


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