Lashana Lynch Talked About Becoming The First Black 007


“I’m a part of something that will be very, very revolutionary.”

In the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die — which will feature Daniel Craig’s final turn as Bond — Lashana Lynch plays Nomi, who assumes the role of Agent 007 after Bond retires.

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Lynch is the first Black actor to take on the mantle of Agent 007 — and in a recent interview with Bazaar UK, she opened up about the “abuse” she received after being cast in the film.

“I am one Black woman,” she said after revealing that the online backlash led her to delete her social media for a week. “If it were another Black woman cast in the role, it would have been the same conversation, she would have got the same attacks, the same abuse.”

“I just have to remind myself that the conversation is happening and that I’m a part of something that will be very, very revolutionary.”

David Crotty / Patrick McMullan / Getty Images

Lynch also expressed what the historic role means to her. “I didn’t want to waste an opportunity when it came to what Nomi might represent,” she explained.

“I searched for at least one moment in the script where Black audience members would nod their heads, tutting at the reality but glad to see their real life represented.”

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“In every project I am part of, no matter the budget or genre,” Lynch concluded, “the Black experience that I’m presenting needs to be 100 percent authentic.”

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