Justin Turner Coronavirus As Dodgers Win World Series


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Justin Turner during Tuesday’s World Series–clinching game.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were two innings away from winning the World Series Tuesday night when star third baseman Justin Turner left the game without explanation.

The Dodgers won, and their players rushed the field to celebrate the team’s first championship in 32 years. Then broadcasters revealed that Turner had tested positive for COVID-19.

Turner’s teammates mobbed each other after the final out. At first Turner wasn’t there with them, but about an hour into the festivities, he returned to the field. Donning a mask, he even grabbed hold of the World Series trophy.

Tom Pennington / Getty Images

Turner holds the trophy aloft.

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All kinds of weird moments ensued, including team manager, Dave Roberts, promising that he “didn’t touch” Turner after the result came in. (The coronavirus often spreads by air.)

Totally normal world series manager on his totally normal and possibly contagious world series third baseman: “I didn’t touch him.”

Twitter / @ericnus / Via Twitter: @ericnus

Turner tweeted about the win and the positive test, saying that he had “Just experienced every emotion you can possibly imagine” and was feeling “no symptoms at all” of the virus.

Thanks to everyone reaching out! I feel great, no symptoms at all. Just experienced every emotion you can possibly imagine. Can’t believe I couldn’t be out there to celebrate with my guys! So proud of this team & unbelievably happy for the City of LA

Twitter / @redturn2 / Via Twitter: @redturn2

Several media outlets reported that contact tracing would begin for the Dodgers right after the game.

When the Dodgers return to their hotel tonight, everybody will be given a rapid PCR test. On the field right now, as they celebrate, the Dodgers are wearing masks. Unclear as to whether they’ll stay in Dallas area before traveling back to Los Angeles. Situation fluid right now.

Twitter / @JeffPassan / Via Twitter: @JeffPassan

There are a lot of questions: Where’d Turner get it? When was he tested and when exactly did officials find out about his diagnosis? Should they have stopped the game? What does this mean for the rest of the Dodgers? How about the Tampa Bay Rays? And staff at the stadium at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, where the game was held?

And that’s how the pandemic-shortened 2020 Major League Baseball season came to a close.


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