Joe Frost and one of the kids she works with on Lifetime’s “Supernanny.” (Photo: Annie Flanagan/Lifetime)

PASADENA, Calif. – The world of parenting is very different in 2020 than when “Supernanny” Jo Frost started swooping in to help families in 2005. 

The British childcare expert is back with a new season of “Supernanny” on Lifetime (Wednesdays, 10 EST/PST), and she believes right now is the perfect time to be back on American TV. 

“It’s a whole new generation and a new era,” Frost told reporters at the Television Critics Association Saturday.

And that means new challenges that she can help with.

“We’re in the technology era and really the ‘Supernanny’ show highlights the importance of being able to navigate this space… How do we stay connected as a family in a disconnected world? … How do we give the kids the tablets and recognize that we can still communicate with one another?”

Frost noted that it’s not just the kids who need help regulating screen time, but the parents, too. 

“(Kids are) fighting for time with their parents! … let’s be present.”

It’s not just how much technology has evolved, but how much we as a society have changed the way we talk about parenting. 

Frost noted that with the way society is now, we are so much more willing to talk about issues such as postpartum depression and other struggles. “We are going to be certainly watching parental challenges that are interior to a family but looking at external challenges that we all have.”

“There was an observation in the early 2000s there was so little parenting advice out there,” said executive producer Dan Peirson. But then, “we found Jo. She changed everything. In the time since we started making this show you can’t go online without being bombarded (with conflicting parenting advice) … I think since parents are awash with advice we were missing wisdom.”

At least one family who participated in the series is deeply grateful for what Frost was able to do. 

“Hands down it’s made an impact in my life,” said mom Nicole Ostler. “It’s been a whole different world for me.”

The people behind the show maintain that child and family welfare is their first priority.  Ostler agreed that they did a good job putting the children ahead of the entertainment aspect.

“I’m very protective of my children,” she said. “We tried to explain to them in the beginning as to why Nanny Jo was coming to our house… it’s to help you grow and help us grow as parents … over time I hope they’ll understand.” 


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