It’s a Book. It’s a Podcast. It’s a Three-Act Play, in Your Ears.


If you’re missing the chilly joy of ducking into a movie theater on a sweltering day, welcome to the club.

Ditto for attending concerts, plays, sporting events and awkward variety shows on the last day of summer camp. Our usual forms of entertainment are scarce right now, but here’s a fresh alternative: Jesse Eisenberg’s Audible Original, “When You Finish Saving the World.”

The idea for the five-hour, 17-minute audio drama, available on Tuesday, grew out of a conversation between Eisenberg — the star of movies such as “The Social Network” as well as an author and playwright — and a friend who confessed that he had no emotional connection to his newborn daughter.

“He was mortified and felt terribly guilty. I thought this was an interesting dynamic to explore,” Eisenberg said in a phone interview. “Then I met these great producers who told me about a new format which is fiction created exclusively for audio. The internal struggle of a character who is emotionally a bit stifled seemed perfect for that medium.”

Rachel Ghiazza, the head of U.S. content at Audible, said Eisenberg’s approach is “genre-bending” and “pushes the boundaries of what audio storytelling can do.” This podcast-weary walker would have to agree.

As for what listeners take away from “When You Finish Saving the World,” Eisenberg hopes it is empathy. “In stories that take place from multiple characters’ perspectives, where you see the same world through different eyes, I think there’s a macro message that the world is full of complicated people, not heroes and villains,” he said. “Everybody’s trying their best. If you try to understand their intentions, you might understand their behavior better.”


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