Hurricane Marco and Tropical Storm Laura Form in the Gulf Coast


“Residents who choose to remain behind may find themselves without power and unable to leave the area due to possible floodwaters and storm debris,” the parish president, M. Larry Richard, said in a statement.

In Lafayette, on the central Louisiana coast, the storms come as the community has been gripped by inflamed racial tension and unrest after the police fatally shot a 31-year-old Black man on Friday.

The man, Trayford Pellerin, was shot by officers responding to a call of a person with a knife at a convenience store, Louisiana State Police officials said in a statement. The authorities said that Mr. Pellerin ran from officers, who failed to stop him with Tasers. The officers opened fire, the state police said, as Mr. Pellerin, who still carried the knife, tried to go into another store.

A protest on Saturday near the store where Mr. Pellerin was killed escalated into tense confrontations between demonstrators and the police, who fired tear gas to break up the crowds.

“While the incident has drawn significant media attention and protests, our personnel won’t be distracted,” said Josh Guillory, the mayor-president of Lafayette, adding, “As twin tropical storms close in on our community, our frontline professionals in law enforcement, health care and emergency response remain focused on keeping our city and parish safe.”

But activists were pushing ahead with their demonstrations, with plans to gather outside City Hall on Sunday evening.

“All citizens who stand for justice, we want you to come out,” Marja Broussard, the president of the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter, told reporters late Saturday.


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