How cartoonists are drawing Kamala Harris in the wake of her joining the Biden ticket


“I was in shock that Biden picked her — dumbfounded,” says the left-leaning Ohman, a Pulitzer winner who first met Harris in 2014 and who has satirized Harris for years. “Now it seems obvious.”

After Tuesday’s announcement, Ohman rendered a cartoon of a politically unified Biden and Harris, nodding to the reconciliation of rivals.

“During her tenure as attorney general and senator, I did many cartoons about her, mostly about her seeming vagueness,” notes Ohman, adding: “She was very magnetic in person, although extremely cautious in her answers.”

The cartoonist did especially appreciate one thing when she came to the Bee newsroom: “She has a nice, dry sense of humor.”

As for how to caricature her, Ohman says: “How I portray her is the same way I portray anyone. She is rather soft-featured, which is tough for caricature. I focus on what she says, which is usually heavily couched in terms about a lot of things needing study.”

Another California cartoonist who met Harris when she was the state’s attorney general is Steve Breen, the right-leaning cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

“She was as charming as you’d expect, but I haven’t drawn her a lot, actually — only a few cartoons over the years,” says the Pulitzer-winning Breen.

“In fact, I was nervous about drawing her properly yesterday, so I showed her from the back,” Breen says. “I can only do that so many times before people get wise to me!”

Here is how some other cartoonists are drawing Harris:

Adam Zyglis (Buffalo News):

Dave Granlund (Cagle Cartoons):

Taylor Jones (Cagle Cartoons):


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