Hot Teen Drama Moments


TV is there to make you laugh, cry, stress, celebrate, etc…but there are also times it gets you feeling ~some type of way~.

Teen dramas, with their hot twentysomething actors gallivanting around shirtless and making out in closets and whatnot, do this more than most. And let me tell you, there were more than a few moments as teens where we had to get up and grab a nice cold glass of water during these scenes.

Here are just some of the scenes that made us go ~ooh la la~ as teenagers:


When Jeremy was chopping wood on The Vampire Diaries:

The CW

Jeremy was at the same level as Damon and Stefan, and it’s time we admit it.


When Damon and Elena made out at the motel on The Vampire Diaries:


When Nathan showed up to the Boy Toy auction and put everyone else to shame on One Tree Hill:

The WB

You better bet we’d have bid on him.


When Buffy and Spike literally knocked a house to the ground by having sex on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The WB

Still don’t quite get how this happened, but damn.


When Hanna jumped in the shower with Caleb to avoid her mom on Pretty Little Liars:


We, for one, would gladly have shared a towel with Caleb if we were Hanna.


When Stiles told Derek to try on his shirts on Teen Wolf:


When Nate and Serena had some fun with breakfast on Gossip Girl:

The CW

Why did they break up again??


When Derek did pull-ups with ~excellent form~ on Teen Wolf:


Okay, it was honestly really sad that Derek just, like, spent all his time chilling in this half-burned-down house his family died in, but at least it gave him time to make use of its pull-up bar.


When Dan and Blair had ~a lil rendezvous~ in the elevator on Gossip Girl:


When Karma and Amy made out in the pool on Faking It:


When Naomi fantasized about making out with Liam against the lockers on 90210:


When Scott did pull-ups WHILE READING, then admired his muscles on Teen Wolf:


Get you a man who can do both.


When Damon stepped out of the tub with no towel on The Vampire Diaries:


When Buffy danced with Xander at The Bronze on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

The WB

Okay, this was…not so great of Buffy to do, considering Xander’s crush on her and Willow’s crush on Xander. But damn, was it hot.


When Jake came back lookin’ DAMN FINE on One Tree Hill :

The CW

Okay, there was nothing inherently sexual about this, but Jake legit left a boy and came back a MAN, and our preteen selves were feelin’ it.


When Logan and Veronica made out in the school bathroom on Veronica Mars:


When Liam walked around Annie’s house shirtless to impress her on 90210:

The CW

We had to take nice cold showers after this one.


When Taylor told Ryan she wanted to “use his body as a jungle gym” on The O.C.:


I don’t even like Taylor and Ryan together that much, but this line…whew.


When Eli was literally handcuffed to the bed shirtless on Degrassi:

TeenNick / YouTube

*Grabs cold glass of water.*


When Rory and Jess literally could not keep their hands to themselves on Gilmore Girls:

The WB

Side note: that leather couch is giving us flashbacks to every high school makeout.


When Summer dressed up as Wonder Woman for Seth on The O.C.:


When Lucas and Nathan had to walk around the convenience store in their boxers with “Ravens suck” written on their backs on One Tree Hill:


And finally, when Dan and Vanessa had a threesome with Hilary Duff and it broke all of our teenage brains on Gossip Girl:

The CW

An absolutely life-changing moment.

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