Geeky Fandom Quiz


  1. Voldemort made six horcruxes intentionally, then unintentionally made Harry a seventh horcrrux.

    Via Warner Bros. Pictures

  2. Although Jacob does call her “Nessie.”

    Via Summit Entertainment

  3. Pippin, on the right, is played by Billy Boyd.

    Via New Line Cinema

  4. Of course, John later moves out.

    Via BBC

  5. The other cars belong to Peyton Sawyer, Arthur Weasley, and Damon Salvatore, respectively.

    Via The CW

  6. The other planets are all from the series, but they’re not the Doctor’s home planet.

    Via BBC

  7. People have theorized that Han has a connection to the force, but this has never been confirmed.

    Via Lucasfilm

  8. The second iteration of the series takes place 100 years after the first.

    Via Paramount Domestic Television

  9. They later get married.

    Via Lionsgate Films

  10. The other two factions are Dauntless and Abnegation.


  11. Red Skull reveals this on Vormir.

    Via Marvel

  12. Killer Croc is the member’s name.

    Via Warner Bros. Pictures

  13. Jorah died in the third episode of the last season.

    Via HBO

  14. In honor of Tangled being the 50th animated feature, Disney released a really cool countdown of all 50 films.

    Via Disney

  15. A prophecy claims Kara will lead humanity to its end.

    Via SYFY

  16. Clarisse is the daughter of Ares, the god of war.

    Via 20th Century Fox

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