Finding Comfort in the In-Between Season


Welcome. It’s been rainy in New York, humid, and in-between feeling. It’s the time that the travel industry calls “shoulder season” in this part of the world, a time of transition, technically fall but still sometimes summery. On the verge of holiday season, but we might still be reading books we started in August.

It’s the time of year when you commit to coziness, turn the lights on during the day and brew a whole pot of tea, maybe take your laptop to the couch, a blanket nest. Mid-afternoon, you’re shaken from your winter cosplay when the skies clear, the sun reasserts its relevance, almost obnoxiously illuminating each mote of dust in this indoor-cat tableau. Shoes on, get outside while you can.

It can do a number on your mood, if you weren’t already a little up and down, this noncommittal, sandwich season. Our usual rhythms are disrupted, our dependable routines scotched. I’ve been saving up bits of delight, scraps of songs, articles, recipes that I can turn to when disequilibrium sets in.

This opinion piece, “Your Work Friends Knew Exactly What Kind of Week You’d Had,” reminded me of how essential the “weak ties” our work relationships provide are to our happiness.


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