Falcon And The Winter Soldier New Characters Introduced


US Agent? The Young Avengers? The Flag Smashers? What does it all mean? We’ve got you.

We are being introduced to a wonderfully diverse set of new characters, and all of them find their roots in the comics.

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John Walker, who is the new Captain America, has a long history as an Avenger. Even characters we’ve only seen glimpses of, like Eli Bradley, may have HUGE futures ahead of them.

So what’s next for the MCU? And how do these new characters set things up?

Marvel Comics

Great question! Below, we’ll compare all the new characters from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to their comic book counterparts. From there, we can only guess how much of the source material the MCU will follow. Speculation will drive us all mad… but yet here we are. Thanks, Marvel.

We’ll keep updating this list as new characters are introduced!

John Walker / US Agent

Disney+ / Marvel

This is the most hated man in the MCU, and he isn’t even a villain. John Walker, who is being played by Wyatt Russell, has deep roots in the comics. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is following some of those roots, but as expected, Kevin Feige is playing with the lore.

Walker is our new Captain America. After Sam Wilson hands over his shield to the government, they turn around and give it to this guy! In the comics, Walker replaced Captain America after a short retirement, and went on to be a reoccurring member of several Avengers teams as US Agent. He gained powers from the Power Broker, and became a super-soldier. Walker considers himself a “true patriot,” and has called out (and fought) Steve Rogers for not being patriotic enough. The MCU hasn’t shown us who Walker REALLY is, but something seems off about this guy…

Isaiah Bradley

Disney+ / Marvel

Isaiah Bradley is another new MCU character with a very interesting background in the comics. Bradley enlisted in the Army during World War II, but was tricked and experimented on along with other Black soldiers. After horrific experiments, he and his team became super-soldiers. Those that survived, anyway. At one point, Bradley donned a Captain America suit himself.

Much like in the comics, it appears that the MCU’s Isaiah was experimented on. He spent several years in jail, another piece of history straight from Marvel’s pages. His grandson, who is seen only briefly on the show, is destined to become a super hero.

Karli Morgenthau

Disney+ / Marvel

This is where things get tricky. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier gender-swapped Karl Morgenthau from the comics, and created Karli Morgenthau. Another interesting turn: Karl Morgenthau was known as the Flag Smasher. However, the MCU has turned the Flag Smashers into an entire group. More on them later.

Karli seems to be an anti-hero. She and her crew are powered up off a recreation of the super-serum. It looks like Karli is slowly becoming more radical though, and her goals to spread the serum around don’t seem as well-intentioned as they did when we first met her.

Flag Smashers

Disney+ / Marvel

As mentioned above, the Flag Smasher was one villain, but the MCU has switched things up a little bit. Now, the Flag Smashers are a group of rebels who feel as if things were better after The Blip (or The Snap). Essentially, they agree with Thanos. To make matters worse, they’re super-powered because they took the serum.

The Flag Smashers believe in a world without borders according to Joaquin Torres. That idea is attractive, and for some reason, we don’t think they’re REALLY the villains of this story. However, for now, it looks like Karli and her crew will be smacking the spit out of Sam and Bucky.

Joaquin Torres / Falcon

Disney+ / Marvel

We’ve met the “new” Captain America, now meet the new Falcon (maybe). Joaquin Torres is a Mexican immigrant who gets captured and experimented on in the comics. His DNA is fused with Redwing’s (Falcon’s bird partner), and he becomes a human/falcon hybrid.

It doesn’t look like the MCU is going to go down that route, although Torres is working as a “sidekick” to Sam Wilson. We may see him take the Falcon mantle when Sam (hopefully) gets the shield back and becomes the rightful Cap.

Elijah Bradley / Patriot

Disney+ / Marvel

Eli Bradley is another young man destined to become a hero. Kevin Feige is building the Young Avengers right before our very eyes (YES!). We have already met Speed and Wiccan in WandaVision. We also know that Kate Bishop, aka Hawkeye’s protégé, is set to take his mantle when his Disney+ show premieres. Plus Ant-Man’s daughter and Tony Stark’s daughter are waiting in the wings. Now, we have our first look at Patriot.

Eli is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley. We meet him when Sam and Bucky go to visit the latter, and Eli guards the door. In the comics, he becomes the leader of the Young Avengers and wields a replica of Captain America’s OG shield as Patriot. There’s no real sign the MCU is going to make this version of Eli into a superhero, but then why introduce him? Time will only tell.

Sarah Wilson

Disney+ / Marvel

Sam Wilson’s sister was the family rock after Thanos snapped half the universe away. Sarah took care of the family business in Louisiana, while dealing with the trauma that comes with losing half of the people you love.

In the comics, Sarah Wilson is Sarah Casper. She doesn’t have an extensive history, so the MCU has plenty of room to play with her backstory on the show.

Lamar Hoskins / Battlestar

Disney+ / Marvel

Lamar Hoskins AKA Battlestar is John Walker’s partner. In the comics, he was another man who gained powers from the Power Broker, much like Walker. Battlestar helped Walker fight Steve Rogers, but lost (of course).

The MCU has placed Battlestar faithfully on John Walker’s side. However, he appears to be the angel, or the reason, on Walker’s shoulder. Hoskins reminds Walker that he can’t punch his way out of all his problems. Let’s see how long that advice holds up.

The Power Broker

Marvel Comics / Via Marvel

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier mentions the Power Broker briefly, and that’s all we have. We do know he controls Madripoor (a famous location from X-Men history) and he’s the man who commissioned Nagel to continue his work on the super-soldier serum. We also assume that’s who texted Karli Morgenthau a death threat after she and the Flag Smashers stole those serums (or whatever they were).

In the comics, the Power Broker is Curtiss Jackson. Jackson (and his buddy Dr. Karl Malus) are responsible for the experimentation on anyone who can pay. Two of their most famous subjects were John Walker and Lamar Hoskins, who gained super soldier abilities. We have yet to see how the Power Broker will play into the MCU, however, we do know he is in direct conflict with the Flag Smashers because they stole his serum.

Wilfred Nagel

Disney+ / Via Disney

There always has to be a mad scientist. Dr. Wilfred Nagel is introduced in episode three, and his history is almost spot on with the comics. In the show, Nagel worked for HYDRA before the CIA hired him. He used Isaiah Bradley’s blood, given to him by the US government, to recreate the super-soldier serum. In the comics, Dr. Nagel was the villain who experimented on Black soldiers, including Isaiah Bradley, so the show isn’t too far off here.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier revealed that Dr. Nagel disappeared due to The Blip. When he returned, he found his work abandoned and the project in ruins. However, the Power Broker decided to fund his experiment, giving it new life. And that’s how we have the new super-soldier serum.

Donya Madani

Disney / Via Disney+

Now, this is a name that’s we don’t recognize from the comics. Karli Morgenthau refers to Donaya Madani as “Momma Donya,” and we meet her right as she passes away from an unknown cause. Momma Donya appears to be the inspiration for the Flag Smashers. We’re sure the MCU will give us a little backstory on her later, since she seems to be the main facet of Karli’s purpose.


Disney+ / Via Disney

Now, this is a deep dive into X-Men lore. Selby only briefly appeared in the X-men off-shoot comic Excalibur. The character was a Black man who could interact and decipher computer codes, not really the most powerful mutant ability. As part of Mutant Liberation Front, Selby was a villain, more or less.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier has plenty of room to play with Selby (if somehow she didn’t die). Is it possible we’ve seen the first mutant? Probably not. But after introducing Madripoor and now Selby, it’s apparent that the MCU is taking baby steps in establishing the rich history of the X-Men.

*It’s also fun to note we get a glance at Wolverine’s favorite Madripoor bar from the comics, Princess Bar.

Who else do you think will appear on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Let us know below.

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