Creepy Moments From Netflix’s “Night Stalker”


To say I was shook would be such an understatement.

If you’re anything like me, you live for true crime documentaries; but after watching them, you curse your curiosity and hide under the sheets.

Naturally, I found myself watching Netflix’s Night Stalker documentary about the notorious Richard Ramirez.

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Here are a few moments that scared the crap out of me — you’re welcome:


When X-rays of Ramirez’s teeth are shown.

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Let’s just say his teeth matched his grim persona.


When one almost-victim came face-to-face with Ramirez.

Katelyn Tarver / Via

I’m sure she will never, ever forget it.


When recordings of Ramirez talking about Satan are played throughout different parts of the documentary.

X Factor Global / Via

There’s just something so sinister about his voice.


When Ramirez shows off the pentagram on his hand in court.

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I don’t mess with none of that.


When you realize that kids were involved.

Just watched the Richard Ramirez doc on Netflix and my biggest takeaway is that this woman is absolutely incredible ❤️

@schmeecie / Via Twitter

There were literally no limits to his terror.


When the library worker describes Ramirez’s stench.

New Line Cinema / Via

A comparison to a goat was involved. Yes, you read that correctly.


When the first sketch of Ramirez is drawn.

Richard Ramirez next to the police sketch of The Night Stalker that people said looked just like him.

@Kwicko / Via Twitter

For hardly resembling Ramirez, that drawing was its own kind of creepy.


When a couple finds footprints in their flower bed after waking up from a loud noise.


When Ramirez is first arrested and he looks out of the cop car with his head wrapped up.

The part of the Richard Ramirez story that I’ve always enjoyed, the ONLY part of his whole story – is the fact that once he was identified and tried to flee, he was first captured and then had the shit beat out of him by the very community he terrorized.

@Mannabee / Via Twitter

Later, he said he stuck his tongue out like a serpent at people that surrounded the car.


When the detectives tell Ramirez that they’re placing him in the same cell where they once held the Hillside Strangler.

NBC World of Dance / Via

No surprise that this pleased Ramirez very much.


When Ramirez is in the lineup and a 6-year-old identifies him.

Fox / Wendy Williams Show / Via

I don’t know how she managed to do it, but she did.


When Ramirez revealed that he followed the work of Detective Salerno and studied other serial killers.


When women swoon over Ramirez after he is caught and in court.

Artist/Activist Ester Petschar lived in LA during the Night Stalker murders and I can’t decide if I love her more for her glasses or for her take on Richard Ramirez’s groupies. 10/10, national treasure

@cheetahmarie / Via Twitter

Someone get this woman a trophy.


When a relative of one of the victims encounters a sobbing Ramirez supporter outside of the courtroom.

Amanda See Media / Via

I probably would have caught a case.


When people describe the dark lifelessness in Ramirez’s eyes.

@stiff_jab_ / Via Twitter

And then, you get to see for yourself.


When Ramirez said that he was “beyond good and evil.”

Final words from the #NightStalker, our final episode of our two part series on #RichardRamirez, who terrorized L.A & San Fransisco of the summer of 1985, is out now. #NightStalkerNetflix #PodNation #PodernFamily #Apple #TrueCrimeCommunity

@openthecabinet / Via Twitter

I wouldn’t want to spend a second in this guy’s head.


When Ramirez’s upbringing is briefly explained.

Still kinda spooked after watchin’ the Night Stalker on Netflix even though Richard Ramírez is dead..what if somebody decided to start doin’ that shit now?

@PabloNesscobar / Via Twitter

He really didn’t have the best childhood, but it doesn’t excuse any of this.


When Ramirez asks the detectives if they are going to go to his execution.

Giphy / Via

By this point, I was done.


Oh, and then he admits to some detectives that he committed other murders in Northern California.

ABC / Via

This guy just had to have the last creepy word.

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