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Editor’s note: In this Future View, students discuss how their colleges’ reopening plans have fared. Next week we’ll ask, “If you were running the Republican presidential campaign, how would you attack Joe Biden? What would your message be?” Students should click here to submit opinions of fewer than 250 words before Sept. 1. The best responses will be published that night.

We Can Save the Semester

From the outside, the University of Notre Dame’s return to campus looks like a disaster. And in some aspects—including the number of positive cases of Covid-19, 471 since Aug. 3—it is. When Notre Dame halted in-person classes and shifted everything online last week, the public response seemed to be: “How could they not have seen this coming?” Others conjectured that the return to campus was a scam to buy time for tuition checks to clear.

I don’t believe that. Students and staff are frustrated and determined to salvage the year. We want to be here. The spike in positive cases was a brutal but necessary wake-up call. The school year is in serious jeopardy only because of a few off-campus parties to which many of the cases were linked. This shows that the virus can be controlled on campus, not that we never should’ve returned. Students still have a responsibility to follow the basic health guidelines that are posted all over.

As a freshman, being able to get settled on campus was crucial to calming the typical nerves that accompanied the experience. The help and support of the staff to attempt to make this return as safe as possible has been unbelievable, but it’s time for us students to take responsibility. We will.


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