Clicking Back Into Each Other’s Lives


Mr. Sugerman, who was then living in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, said that he and Ms. Lopez began turning a serious corner “at about the four-month mark,” of their relationship.

In the ensuing months, they began seeing in the other the kind of person each hoped to marry one day. “Maria brought a lot of stability and normality in my life,” Mr. Sugerman said. “And culturally, we had many things in common.” And both had graduated from Adelphi.

“Max just got me,” Ms. Lopez said. “All of my weird quirks weren’t so weird to him, and he always believed in me, and he has always been my biggest cheerleader. I very quickly realized that this is someone I would never be bored with.”

After Mr. Sugerman proposed to Ms. Lopez by the Lake in Central Park, they began making wedding plans, but time and again, the coronavirus had other plans.

“We postponed our wedding five times because of the pandemic,” said Ms. Lopez, who first chose March 27, 2020 as her wedding date and had planned to marry at Liberty House in Jersey City, N.J., before 85 guests.

The bride and groom had half that many guests when they returned to the Liberty House on Nov. 21, and were finally married, exchanging vows before Janice Wright, the groom’s mother, who became a Universal Life minister for the event. The groom’s mother and father, Mike Sugerman, both work in New York for WCBS News Radio. She as a news anchor, and he is a reporter. Also present were the bride’s parents, Maria Guadalupe Lopez, a retired seamstress, and Mario Roberto Lopez, a superintendent for 67th Road Construction Corporation.


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