Clare Crawley On The Bachelorette Strip Dodgeball Game


She’s familiar with the criticism and she has an opinion about it.

If you’ve been watching Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette, you might still be thinking about one of the more cringey moments of this season: in episode 2 when she weeded out the competition by having her guys compete in a game of strip dodgeball.

The game consisted of 10 guys who had to strip down to their underwear if they lost three games in a row. The winning team got the chance to take Clare out for drinks.

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Granted, this is a show and everyone who goes on it agrees to be filmed, but no one should have to strip down on TV — especially when they’re visibly uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long for criticism of the game to pile up, with one former Bachelorette winner adding to it: When J.P. Rosenbaum saw it, he tweeted, “I realize this “date” is gonna have a lot of critics, but can you imagine the flak the show would get if this was #Thebachelor and the girls were stripping down to their underwear? #sexist #TheBachelorette #dadbod”

Well, Clare is now familiar with the criticism. When one person called her out for having “the guys take off their clothes” because “if the bachelor asked the women do the same things all heck would break loose,” Clare replied.

“Juan Pablo should have had you strip,” the Twitter user suggested, referencing the fact that Clare first appeared on the ABC show during Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor.

“You mean like this?,” Clare tweeted back, sharing a photo of a photoshoot Juan Pablo did with two of his contestants.

Twitter/ @Clare_Crawley / Via Twitter: @Clare_Crawley

Clare also weighed in on the dodgeball game by liking a tweet another person posted, suggesting that “making contestants take their clothes off is a really tired production trick” and “wasn’t [Clare’s] idea at all.”

You know what they say, one like is worth a thousand words.

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