Ariana Grande Stole A Cutout At The Borat 2 Premiere


In case you’ve been living under a rock the size of Kazakhstan: Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, the sequel to Sacha Baron Cohen’s uproariously funny 2006 film Borat, is out this Friday, October 23, on Amazon Prime.

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But, really, it’s okay to call it Borat 2 if you want. That’s basically what it is.

Last night, a “drive-in double tested” screening of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm went down, and a few big-deal stars were in attendance: Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Josh Gad, Cohen (of course)—and Ariana Grande.

See that Borat cutout that all the celebs are huddled around? Well, it turns out Ariana decided to take one of those home with her. She captured the saga on her Instagram Story, which a fan account circulated around the internet for anyone feeling the FOMO.

Twitter user @DarianaInfo

After taking Borat home, Ariana found a nice place in the sun for him to sit—er, I mean, stand.

Twitter user @Darianainfo

Even Ariana’s dog met Borat and let out a mighty howl—that is, before Ariana did her best Borat impression.

Twitter user @Darianainfo

While we’re on the subject—Borat Subsequent Moviefilm isn’t the only thing we’re looking forward to this month. Ariana’s releasing her new single “Positions” this week, with the album of the same name coming on October 30 (her website is running a countdown clock for both right now if you’re just that much of a stan). Hey, maybe Borat will drop a guest vocal one of the songs…you never know.

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