Angela Bassett On “Black Panther” And Chadwick Boseman


10. That’s beautiful that you’re being recognized as Queen Mother of Wakanda in countries around the world. What was one of your favorite memories from the Black Panther set?

Warrior Falls! They built this incredible design of mountains and three waterfalls cascading down, and there were drummers drumming. There’s Chadwick [Boseman] and Michael B. [Jordan], Forest [Whitaker], Lupita [Nyong’o], and Daniel [Kaluuya], Letitia [Wright], myself, and a cast of black folk, just splendidly adorned, and we are just rockin’ and chillin’ all day. Talking and chillin’. We were filming 10 hours a day and there’s a lot of waiting on film sets, but I’ve never been on a set where it felt like a 10-hour party. All day there was just so much love in that moment. Oh God, so much soul! So much soul.

11. What’s one of your fondest memories of working with Chadwick?

I would have to say that my most fond memory of Chadwick was sitting in our shared makeup and hair space on the set of Black Panther every morning, watching him as he prepared for the day. Chadwick always showed true commitment. It was the little things that resonated most, such as when he worked on his accent, even to the point of calling a friend or consultant in Africa. He worked around the clock to make sure he delivered because he fully understood what Black Panther meant, not just for him but for all of us, for black people on film.

12. And what’s one thing that might surprise fans about your time on set?

There at Warrior Falls, after shooting all day, lights were beaming down down on us to make us glow — as we do — to enhance our glow. But the next day, we all had sun blindness because those lights reflected on the water which then bounced up into our eyes. We thought it was the chlorine in the water to keep us safe, but it was actually what they call “snow blindness” [when your eyes experience a painful, yet temporary pain after being overexposed to UV light]. But I guess we weren’t all skier so that wasn’t the first conclusion we [arrived at]. So we’re like, “This is why our eyes are bloodshot red and Daniel is actually bleeding from the eyes. This is why I can’t look at the lights in the trailer without blinking and rubbing.” We actually have been going through something. So from then on out, we had our we had someone yelling, “Shades down! Shades up!”


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