Ada Hegerberg Got Asked To Twerk After Winning The First Women’s Ballon D’Or


Hegerberg, a 23-year-old from Norway who plays for Lyon in France, is generally considered an amazing soccer player.

“Hegerberg was dominant in the 2017-18 season, scoring 42 goals across all competitions, including 14 in the Champions League. At age 23, Hegerberg already has 272 professional goals,” SBNation wrote.

So being the first woman to win the Ballon d’Or — which while generally considered a popularity contest has been awarded multiple times to greats like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo — is a huge deal.

“I want to say thanks to my teammates because this would not have been possible without them, my coach, or our president Jean-Michel Aulas,” she said after winning the award, according to a BBC translation. “I also want to thank France Football. This is a huge step for women’s football.”

“Now [host] David Ginola will soon give the microphone to Martin Solveig, so he can ask also [men’s Ballon d’Or winner] Luka Modric if he knows how to twerk.”

“I, of course, didn’t want to offend anyone,” he said. “This comes from a distortion of my English level and my English culture level which is obviously not enough.”

“This was a joke, and I want to apologize for the one I may have offended,” Solveig concluded.


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