6 Must-Haves When Flying With a Cat or Dog


Flying with your cat or dog is probably no one’s idea of fun — least of all your pet’s. But there are ways and tools to make the trip safer, calmer and more comfortable for everyone involved. After logging hundreds of air miles — one particularly intrepid staffer flew cross-country with both a cat and a dog — and after consulting with vets, airline officials and animal behaviorists, the animal lovers on Wirecutter’s staff recommend the following items.

This carrier has a flexible wire frame that can compress down to fit under the seat in front of you, which most airlines require. ($30 from Amazon)

Bring a towel that’s fairly new (no dangerous strings!) for your pet to burrow into, and another to drape over the carrier in busy, scary places. ($7 from Bed Bath & Beyond)

Squeeze the water up into the attached bowl for your pet to drink, and then let the excess drain back into the bottle. ($15 from Amazon)

Line the carrier with these, and bring spares. Even a short flight can upset your pet’s digestive tract — this goes for cats as well as dogs. ($42 from Amazon)

The Pro version’s searchable terminal maps let you pinpoint pet-relief areas before arriving at the airport, which makes waiting for your flight a lot easier. ($49 from Apple or Google Play)


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