19 Funny Shaq Moments


Big man…bigger personality.

I could start this post by listing Shaq’s million nicknames, but no one can deny that the man can easily be recognized as simply “Shaq.”

Shaq not only has earned his reputation on the court but off of it as well.

Here are 19 of his funniest moments over his career and personal life:


When Shaq and Gronk pulled off the biggest dance move I have ever seen.

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A 6’7 man jumping on the shoulders of a 7’3 giant. The moment he tries to get him off of him is hilarious.


When Shaq got so hyped after making a free throw, he forgot he had one more to shoot.

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Two shots, Shaq. Two shots. At least Steve Nash was proud of him.


When Shaq realized dress shoes and hardwood floors do not go well together.

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Everybody else’s reaction is priceless.

Also, the fact it happens off-screen initially only adds to the hilarity. You can hear the loud thud.


When the bench has learned to get out of the Diesel’s way.

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They dipped so fast. One of my favorite Shaq bloopers ever.


When Shaq “served” LeBron James and Dwight Howard with some dance moves that are illegal in some counties.

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Seriously, it’s hard to pick which move is the best. I’m going to go with the tiny Shaq pop-and-lock.


When we almost lost Shaq to a hilarious prank.

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But when the big man goes down, it is always a big laugh. This fall was at least a little more graceful than his falls on the court in his playing days.


Shaq’s illegal All-Star free throw dunk is spectacular.

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Yeah, if this were legal, every team would score 200-plus points.


All of Shaq’s retirement speech.

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19 years for a big man is truly impressive for the 3-time Finals MVP.


When we discovered what Shaq’s handwriting looks like.

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I suggest watching the whole video, but if you want to fast-forward to 4:25, Shaq’s hand-writing is superb (a little too superb) in this gag during a game with Charles Barkley. Props to Barkley for at least knowing Aaron Brooks played in China.


When Shaq danced with the Jabbawockeez.

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Jabbawockeez should raise enough money to hire Shaq as a full-time dancer. This video has millions of views for a reason.


When Shaq sank a three on Inside the NBA set, and the reaction from everyone is priceless.

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What unfolds after he hits the three is truly chaotic but makes this one of the most genuinely funny moments of Inside the NBA.


When Shaq discovered he wasn’t a Top-10 center…according to this fake Bleacher Report article.

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The other guys are overselling it a bit, but on the other hand, complete silence would have really hinted at it being a gag.


When Greg Popovich took the strategy of “Hack-a-Shaq” to a whole new level.

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The short explanation for non-NBA fans: Shaq is big and bad at free throws, so teams started “Hack-A-Shaq” to foul the big man before he could ever shoot the ball. This time, it was just a good troll job by Pop.


Shaq versus a hot chip was the match-up I needed my whole life.

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The sad little cough and wide eyes are too funny. He also appeared on Hot Ones, which was equally hilarious.


Shaq’s condescending reaction to a fine is gold.

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The Big Shamrock really didn’t take that fine too seriously…or maybe he was really broken up about it and hiding his sadness through comedy. …Nah.


This cuddle sess’ between Shaq and Kwame Brown.

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I would not want all of Shaq’s body weight on me, but then again, if you’re into some Shaq spooning, maybe it is the way to go.


Every moment between Shaq and Nate Robinson.

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These two were quite the comedic duo. I loved Nate trying on Shaq’s shoes the most.


And finally, when Shaq brought the house down and the backboard.

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A little dangerous, but the perfect video to show Shaq was larger than life on the court.

What is your favorite Shaq moment? Comment what you think his funniest moment was.

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